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The Square Tower, historic event venue, Old Portsmouth.


Crafts In The Tower is a group of artists, designers and craftspeople from around the Portsmouth area.

They hold regular exhibitions of their work at the Square Tower - dates of these events are shown on our events calendar.

The artists and craftsmen exhibiting in the Crafts in the Tower events include the following:

  • Judy Charlton - "My interest at present is photo collage - using vintage postcards and film-star photos from the 1950's - 1970's to create new images that are both surreal and romantic."
  • Sharon Justice - Sharon is currently working in predominantly silver, with the inclusion of some semi- precious and non-precious beads and stones, producing designs incorporating forging, woven wire and applied texture techniques.
  • Cherie Lubbock - "I design and make decorative items using coloured fused glass as a medium. My inspiration is drawn from plants and wildlife. Textured leaves and delicate blossom floating in the breeze fascinate me. I try to capture movement by using fluid simple lines."
  • Katherine Webber - Exclusively designed jewellery created by designer/maker Katherine Webber. Katherine uses semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, glass, sterling silver and vermeil beads to create distinctive pieces designs from the subtle and delicate to the bold and dramatic.
  • Peter Withers - "I took up woodturning as a hobby 20 years ago and was very lucky to find some very good teachers who showed me the basics of woodturning. The rest I have learned by trial and error. I like using English timbers as it is ready available and you know it is replaceable."
  • Diana Wren - "I work in clay, making sculptures and quirky domestic ware. Most of my pieces are hand built and I experiment with my own glazes for interesting finishes. I also enjoy the excitement and unpredictability of raku firing. "

To find more information about the Crafts in the tower events and learn much more about the artists and craftsmen, visit their website Crafts in the Tower.

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